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Resume Builder Program

Learn and Earn with Us


Sapna Vasudevan 

Over the past decade, Sapna Vasudevan has provided resume writing services and trained 1000+ of people worldwide.

The program is designed to provide an income earning opportunity.

INR 5000! 

Get a free FIRO-B assessment and consultation

Our Resume Writer Program caters specifically to people seeking to become professional resume writers.

Our team provides all the tools required to write a winning resume. This program is designed by us in order to help thousands of professionals to choose the right career path, so that they can rest assured of all the benefits.

With this program, one can become one of the industry's top resume writers.

You can learn how to write amazing resumes for your clients. With the Resume Writer Program, you'll learn how to create a resume that attracts hiring managers and helps clients get the job that they want.

In this six-month course you will receive hands-on coaching from a Career Consultant and work on actual clients to learn:

  • By writing a skillful, accomplishment-oriented resume filled with the proper adjectives and verbs, everyone; from recent graduates to experienced professionals and executives can stand  apart. Ahead of their competition.

  • By understanding Applicant Tracking Systems and how to get around them, one can maximize the chances of getting a recruiter to see the resume.

  • Maintain a high level of professionalism, intelligence, flexibility, and integrity.

  • Ensure that the skills and traits of the candidate are a good match for the position being advertised by understanding how to present them.

  • Learning the experiences and sections to include or exclude in the resume will help in avoiding the common recruiter biases that prevents from getting a job.

You MUST be able to read client content, research industry information and use these details to convey the client's career highlights in a way that is relevant, concise and engaging.​

Who is this course for: 

  • Anyone who is looking for full time or part time income from home

  • Anyone interested in writing professional resumes, including undergraduates and postgraduates, housewives and professionals

  • The people who are available to provide advice to clients

You can count on us as your coaches, giving you constructive feedback and helping you to succeed in this program

Benefits FIRO-B Assessment:

With FIRO-B, participants gain a deeper understanding of themselves, enabling them to develop their interpersonal orientation in accordance to their personality type and leadership style. In addition to providing insight into behavior and motivational factors, the FIRO-B assessment also provides recommendations on coaching needs.Consultation would be provided by seasoned FIRO-B practitioners.

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I want to join the course

INR 15000/-

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