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An entrepreneur, corporate trainer and coach, social media branding consultant, highly zestful, single mindedly dedicated and unflinching courageous professional fully committed to create a life you want to live.

"Whatever you do, do it with immense love"

Sapna Vasudevan

Ms. Vasudevan's Show

Ms. Vasudevan's Show is going to be a weekly show and it's fully packed with wisdom and sharing of actionable steps to unclutter the cluttered and connect with the life you love with the hints of wittiness.

Motivational Speaker


The program uses innovative methodologies to help individuals develop confidence and present themselves in the best light.

Sapna Vasudevan Training Client Testimonial

Giby George,
CEO at Career Development Cell

Sapna is a natural motivator & mentor. She connects easily with audience & gets the best out of them. A fantastic trainer who could develop their skills in the natural way.

Sapna Vasudevan Training Client Testimonial

Anju Mathew,
Human Resources at

Sapna Madam has been one of the best soft skills trainer and communication expert I have come across. As a coach, she has a unique style of training to engage the students and help them identify their inner potential. It has been a pleasure to have the opportunity to be trained by her during my MBA college education. Sapna Madam is a very positive person by nature and a powerful speaker.

Sapna Vasudevan Client

Rutika Meshkar,
Founder Director -R.U.S.T.A

Sapna is brilliantly creative and understanding person to work with. I feel very happy to work with her, she being a very easy colleague to work with. I love her work; most importantly, I am very choosey and I liking her (for work) is true happiness! I highly recommend Sapna's work, A best person to work with.


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